If your new chime is not ringing, or just doing a light show.

If your new chime is not ringing, or just doing a light show. Your chimes have been put into silent mode, or you may have reset your chimes(they got unpaired). Easy fix.


If they had this question, probably you do too! Replacing old wiring, and using OhmKat

If you have an existing doorbell, or even a generic video doorbell, and you want to upgrade to a Nest or Simplisafe, and additionally want to have chimes ring in different parts of the house when someone rings your doorbell then this is the way to go. Easy DIY installs in less time than it takes to boil an egg.

NEW Chime Pairing and Tune/Melody Change Instructions(36 lovable Melodies)

You can pair multiple chimes(on different floors) to the same doorbell. Or pair multiples chimes to different doorbells, with specific melody for each doorbell(say front door and back door). The pairing process is easily done and guided by sound beeps/notifications.

Ring 2 & 3 - Battery not charging when hardwired with OhmKat Power Supply

We have received several calls recently from customers who have Ring 2 or 3 hardwired with our power supplies and are having an issue with their battery not charging properly.  This is related to a firmware issue with the Ring video doorbell and and is simple to fix.  Please follow the below instructions:

Nest Hello Update: Ensuring Chime Functionality

Recently the Nest Hello went through a firmware update that may cause some chime functionality issues.  This firmware update has caused most chimes...

Service Advisory - Nest Hello "Ghost Chime"

We have been hearing a lot of questions about the Nest Hello and the chime randomly going off at odd times with no one at the door. This is called a "ghost chime."  About 90% of the time, a had factory reset of the Nest Hello fixes the problem.

Pairing Multiple Chimes

We get a lot of questions about pairing multiple chimes.  We designed the chime to be very flexible.  You can pair multiple receivers to a single t...


OhmKat's patent pending One Touch Power Test is the quick and easy way to ensure that your video doorbell power supply is working properly to power your Nest Hello, Ring, August, Skybell, Zmodo or Simplisafe video doorbell.