We have been hearing a lot of questions about the Nest Hello and the chime randomly going off at odd times with no one at the door.  Our customers are wondering what is wrong with our chime.  After doing some research and testing, we have determined that this issue with the Nest Hello has been happening to a lot of people, and not just with our chime, but with a variety of chimes on the market.  This is called a "ghost chime."

About 90% of the time, a had factory reset of the Nest Hello fixes the problem.  The other 10% of the time we work closely with the customer on some minor tweaks, replacements and troubleshoots to get to the bottom of it.   Occasionally, the ghost chime results from noise on the AC line(basically unfiltered power). A noise filter (this is commonly used with audio equipment and computer power supplies) on the socket where the chime is plugged in resolves this. We are testing a new filter to help customers who are having this issue. 

Here are the instructions for the factory reset:

1.  Delete the Nest Hello from your app (uninstall it)

2.  Unscrew the Nest Hello from the wall, but leave the electrical wires attached.

3.  You will see a pinhole button on the back of the Nest.  Use a tool or paperclip to push the button.  Simultaneously, press the doorbell button on the front of the Nest.  Hold for one minute.

4.  Your Nest Hello is now reset.  Reattach to the wall and reinstall in the app. 

NOTE:  please ensure you are NOT using the chime connector and that chime is selected ON in the app.

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Barrie Mundy

Barrie Mundy

I have tried the hard reset several times to no avail. It just rings randomly. It does ring when the Nest Hello is pressed also.

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