If your new chime is not ringing, or just doing a light show.
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Everything is hooked up. It rang once, then I tried to lower volume a bit and now only this happens no matter what button I press.

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There are two possibilities:
1. The  button (the third button) is used to cycle through 3 modes. Sound Plus Light, Sound Only, Light Only. 
So please try pressing on that button once or twice till you hear the sound and then see if your doorbell rings as needed.
2. If 1 doesn't work, then it means the transmitter got unpaired from the receiver.
To Re-PAIR please do the following. Plug in the receiver and connect the transmitter(the dongle) to the doorbell. : 
 a. Choose the volume level  (3 audible levels and 1 silent level) and melody  you want.  
 b. Press and hold the volume button until you hear two beeps. You are now in pairing mode. Keep pressing it.
 c.  While continuing to press the volume button press the doorbell button of the doorbell (you will need 2 people or an extension cord so that you are close to the doorbell)
 d.  You will hear one beep from the chime which means you are paired. Release the volume button. 
 e. Test the doorbell. It should ring now. Else repeat b and c.
Once re-paired the doorbell will ring at the chosen volume and with the selected melody. If you want to silence the doorbell temporarily you use the   button as described in Option 1.
Let us know if the problem is resolved. 
Thank you
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Got it. It was the first one. Thank you. Great product!

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