Hi is your video doorbell not working properly? Want to make sure your OhmKat is okay?

If a video doorbell is not working as expected, customers justifiably think the issue is with the $35 power supply and not the $200 video doorbell. All OhmKats come with patented OTPT technology that allows you to self test them for their full operational capability.

Is the Amber light on OhmKat glowing? Great. Let's go to STEP 2.

STEP 2: Remove the OhmKat wires from behind the doorbell, and touch the two wires together (Don't worry!  you won't be shocked). Keep touching the wires. WAIT 30-40 SECONDS.

Did you see the Amber light dim to 20% brightness?  Did the light brighten once you released the wires?  If so, you are all set! You completed the ONE TOUCH POWER TEST ™.  Your power supply works perfectly (YES THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT) and will power your video doorbell as designed.

Connect back your video doorbell. See if it powers on now. If not, reset your doorbell (instructions to reset can be found online). Your doorbell probably locked itself in a zombie state.

As always, contact us at service@ohmkat.com if you have any questions or comments.


OhmKat Team





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