We have some exciting news here at OhmKat HQ. 

One of the big issues we have encountered in helping people with their video doorbell installations is whether the doorbell is being properly powered.  It turns out that a decent percentage of video doorbells fail right out the box.  Must of our customers, justifiably, think the issue is with the $35 power supply and not the $200 video doorbell. 

We are truly committed to quality here at OhmKat, and we can honestly say that of the thousands of power supplies we have sold, tested, and had returned, only one failed.  That is 99.999% quality standard, and we plan to keep it that way. 

But we had to figure out how to make this clear to our customers, most of whom do not have a multimeter laying around to check the voltage.

So we added a power indicator light to the transformer.  When it shines, you know power is flowing.  This isn't just an ordinary indicator light, however.  It is special and is the key to the ONE TOUCH POWER TEST ™.

If you are concerned about the power flowing from our power supply, you can now test it with a simple touch.

Step 1: Plug in the power supply

Step 2: Touch the two live wires together (Don't worry!  you won't be shocked)

Did you see the light on the power supply dim?  Did the light brighten once you released the wires?  If so, you are all set! You completed the ONE TOUCH POWER TEST ™.  Your power supply works perfectly and will power your video doorbell as designed.

You may still have an issue with installation, but you can cross off proper power from your issue list.

As always, contact us at service@ohmkat.com if you have any questions or comments.

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