We have received several calls recently from customers who have Ring 2 or 3 hardwired to power supplies and are having an issue with their battery not charging properly.  This is related to a firmware issue with the Ring video doorbell (unrelated to OhmKat Power Supplies) and and is simple to fix.  Please follow the below instructions:

1. Please perform our patented One Touch Power Test to ensure the power supply is working properly.  First, remove the wire ends from the doorbell, and while the OhmKat power supply is plugged in, short the two wires coming out of the OhmKat power supply. In about 30 seconds the yellow amber light (LED) on the power supply should dim out. If it dims, then separate the wire ends and see if yellow amber light goes full bright again. If shorting the "wire ends", dims the light, and unshorting them(separating them) brightens the light then your power supply is functioning properly.
2. If the power supply passes the OTPT, then you will do a hard reset of the Ring.  On the backside of the Ring, there is an orange button.  Press and hold the orange button for one minute.  This will reset the Ring and you will need to reinstall the Ring in the app.

Once you reinstall the Ring in the app, you should see the power indicator in the app switch from battery to hardwired within a few hours. If it does not, please reach out to us at 732-876-3034 or service@ohmkat.com and we will help you figure it out.

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