We have updated our chime to add functionality.  Now you can pair separate tunes to different doorbells quickly and easily.  In addition, pairing is guided by sound notifications for an easier process.

To pair a chime receiver to a transmitter OR to change melody/volume level on a paired chime please do the following:

Before you start you will need a second person or an extension cord so that the chime receiver buttons and doorbell can be pressed at the same time.

1. While plugged in, change the volume and chime tune on the chime receiver as desired.

2.  Press and hold the volume button on the chime receiver.  You will hear two beeps.

3.  While still holding the volume button, ring the doorbell three times quickly.  You should hear one beep from the chime receiver.  Release the volume button.

4.  Your chime is now paired.  Ring the doorbell to test.


If the chime is not pairing, please do the following:

- Move the chime receiver closer to the chime transmitter.  Once paired, it can be moved further away.

- Check the settings in your video doorbell app.  Make sure chime on or present is selected.

- Remove the video doorbell from the backplate so that the power wires are exposed.  Go through the pairing process, but instead of pressing the doorbell, touch the wires together (short them).  This removes the video doorbell variable and if successful means the chime is functioning properly. 

If all else fails, email us at service@ohmkat.com or call us at 732-876-3034