About Us

Thanks for learning about OhmKat.  We created OhmKat to help solve the frustrating problems we encounter in technology today.  Sometimes we just can’t get it to work!

With that thought in mind, we created our first family of products – the OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supplies.  We had a problem – we didn’t have electrical doorbells on our homes but wanted the security of having a video doorbell.  Frustrated that we couldn’t just plug it in, we designed a novel way to do just that.  With our Video Doorbell Power Supplies, you can now attach our unit right to the video doorbell and then plug it in.  Super simple.

As we grow and expand our product line, it will remain our promise to always develop great products that work right out of the box. If you have a problem, reach out and we will fix it, replace it or give you a refund.

Now go have some fun!

Keep Smiling,

Brent and Vinny