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We currently have a generic wired doorbell with chime connected to a 10V 10VA hardwired transformer. The chime is also rated for 10.

We want to get a wired Nest doorbell that preferably still uses a chime in the hallway, either the one we have or a different one. And we would also like a chime in the basement. The current 10V transformer is not going to work for the Nest, so need to replace that anyway. Could we simply disconnect the two wires on the old wired transformer and use your plug in one? Would the hallway chime still work (since the wiring is going through that unit still in this scenario) or would we need a higher Voltage rated chime to match the Nest? Or have to bypass it somehow? Don’t really have a way to drill holes and snake wires in house. For basement we would likely go with your wireless Universal chime system which I understand would just be in series with the power transformer. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this.


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Shannon, the simplest solution for you will be to use an Ohmkat power supply with two of our Universal Chimes (one full set and one additional receiver). You will plug the Ohmkat and put the transmitter of the chimeset inline between the Nest and Ohmkat. You can then plug one chime in the hallway, and another in the basement. This will all probably be done in just 5 mins.
But if you love your current Hallway chime then I have shown a First setup below that should also work. Our chimes operate wirelessly so the same transmitter will ring all the chimes in the house without any wiring needed. In the future you can add more chimes if you need anywhere in the house. 
I would try the following in this order:
First setup:
1. Buy our Ohmkat 24 Volt professional supply. Replace the transformer in basement with it. Replace the generic doorbell with Nest. 
2. Test that Nest and old chime in hallway work? If Yes, then go to step 3.
3. Add in the transmitter from our chimeset inline and plug in the chimes anywhere. 
4. Make the correct App settings using our instructions. 
5. Now press the doorbell and see if everything still works. WOOHOO.
Second setup if first doesn't work:
1. Plug the OhmKat 24V anywhere inside the House, in the basement or under the porch outside and connect the new Nest to it.
2. Add our transmitter inline, and plug in the chimes(2 or more) where-ever  you want in the house.
3. Everything should work without issue. WOOHOO
You can buy the full set, and if you have an extra chime leftover, we happily do returns and refunds without any cost. 
Hope that helps. Here are the product links.
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Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
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