Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime (works with 110v or 230v)

Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime (works with 110v or 230v)

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This is a pretty exciting day for us!  We spent the past twelve months developing the world's first wireless universal video doorbell chime (patent pending). 

Designed to work exclusively with OhmKat power supplies, we now have the easiest way to pair a wireless chime with your Ring, Nest, August or Skybell video doorbell.  Simply install it in the split connection, plug in the chime anywhere, and hear that sweet "ding dong" every time someone is at the door.

All OhmKat products come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.  Buy with confidence. We guarantee it works as promised!


Ask a Question
  • I take it the chime (bell) also needs to be plugged into an outlet

    Yes, the transmitter is installed in line with the power supply and the receiver is plugged in somewhere else in the house.

  • What is the range of this wireless chime?

    We have successfully tested the chime up to 300 feet.  However, actual range depends on a variety of factors including type and density of structures between the transmitter and receiver and other radio frequency interferance that may be present. If you have issues at a given distance, please move the receiver closer until connected.

  • Does this work with Nest?

    Yes, it will work great with the Nest when you use one of our power supplies for installation.  With the Nest Hello, please do not install the chime connector, as the electronics in our power supply make it unnecessary. 

    Our installation is incredibly simple:

    1.  Attach the transmitter in the power supply split connection
    2.  Attach the power supply to the Nest Hello
    3.  Plug the power supply into an outlet
    4.  Plug the chime receiver into an outlet somewhere in your home
    5.  Set up the Nest Hello in the app

    That is it!  You are ready to go.  No additional electronics, electrical work or wiring needed.