Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime (works with 110v or 230v)

Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime (works with 110v or 230v)

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This is a pretty exciting day for us!  We spent the past twelve months developing the world's first wireless universal video doorbell chime (patent pending). 

Designed to work exclusively with OhmKat power supplies, we now have the easiest way to pair a wireless chime with your Ring, Simplisafe, Nest, August, Skybell  or other video doorbell.  Simply install it in the split connection, plug in the chime anywhere, and hear that sweet "ding dong" every time someone is at the door.

All OhmKat products come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.  Buy with confidence. We guarantee it works as promised!


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  • I don't see where to order additional chimes?

    Here is the link for additional chime receivers:


    You can pair as many receivers as you want to a single transmitter.  Connecting them is easy.  Plug the receiver in close to the transmitter, press and hold the volume button and then immediately press the doorbell three times quickly. As soon as you hear the chime ring release the volume button.  Press the doorbell again to check the connection. If you hear the ring, you can move the chime where you prefer in the house.

  • Hello. I want to know if Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime (works with 110v or 230v) is available for purchase now?

    Sorry, we are delayed due to the corona as our inventory is stuck in transit until the end of the month.  If you preorder, we will ship the chime as soon as we receive our inventory.

  • Can 1 receiver work with 2 transmitters? Front and side door Alula video doorbells. Or, can I power 2 Alula video doorbells with 1 Transmitter?

    Yes, either installation works great.  We offer any pairing configeration you would like.  Simply pair each receiver with each transmitter you like. Sometimes for complex pairing it takes one or two tries to get it right.  Search "pairing" on ohmkat.com for detailed instructions.

  • Can I use more than one chime ~ I’m thinking of may be three around the house. Also, do they all need to be in range of the transmitter or do they effectively act as repeaters? Can a buy one transmitter and three chimes in one order. If I have my own power supply already can I use it instead of yours and just connect the transmitter (cutting the connectors off and then connecting with my current power cable) so as to avoid ripping out the existing wiring.

    Thanks for reaching out.  Yes, you can use more than one chime.  You can pair as many chime receivers to a single chime transmitter as you want.  It is a simple process that takes just a few minutes (we posted instructions on our blog). 

    Yes, they all have to be in range.  Each receiver is only a receiver and not a concurrent transmitter.  But I like that idea!  We will see if you can implement that in the next interation. 

    The good news is that depending on the material in the house we find that transmitters can be placed fairly far away from the receivers.

  • When will this be available again to order in the US?

    Yes, it will be available in about three weeks.  We just added a preorder function so you can buy now and be shipped product first as soon as it is in stock.

  • Would like to buy a chime or two but I see that they are out of stock, when might they be available? Would like to place a order and just have it filled when they are available rather then to keep checking back our time is our greatest asset.

    We hear you!  We just added a preorder function so you can buy now and be shipped product first as soon as it is in stock.  It will be available in about three weeks.

  • March 9, 2020 I see that this is currently sold out. When do you expect to have your Wireless Universal Video Doorbell chime (works with 110v or 230v) available to be able to purchase in the USA? Sincerely, Margie

    We expect inventory to arrive in three weeks.  We just added a pre order button so you can order now and be shipped a chime as soon as we have them available.

  • When will this be back in stock for a ship to UK? New to OhmKat but loving your products!


    We have a UK plug version on the way for the chime.  It will be in stock the end of March.  Stay tuned!

  • Can I add 2 doorbell chimes to a nest hello? I need to have a chime upstairs and downstairs so it can be heard throughout the house.

    Yes, you can.  We are currently out of stock of additional chimes, but full chime kits can be purchased.  To pair the additional chime, press and hold the volume button and then immediately ring the doorbell.  You will hear the chime and you are good to go.

  • I just purchased a Ohmkat Wireless video chime. I have a battery powered Ring 2 doorbell. The information said that this chime was compatible with Ring. I can not figure how to make chime work with the ring 2 doorbell. I see that there is a transformer with two wires, but can not see how to connect anything on the Ring 2 doorbell. Am I missing a part to the chime?

    I am sorry, but our chime does not work independently of a powered video doorbell.  Please return for a full refund and free return shipping

  • Does this work with the Alula Doorbells?

    Yes it does!

    We are an approved partner of Alula for powering their video doorbells and providing chimes.

  • I am interested in the Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime and power supply for a Simplisafe Pro video doorbell. 1) how long is the power supply cable? I mean each side of the connector 2) what are the dimensions of the chime transmitter?

    The total length is 12 feet, six feet on either side of the connector. 

    The chime transmitter is approximately 3 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.  The dongles on each side are approximately 3 inches long

  • Would you have a version for Australia?

    Sorry, we don't at this time.  With a converter it should work well. 
    However, we are open to creating one if we can find a distributor is Australia.  If you have any ideas please let us know!

  • how many decibels does the your chime

    I don't have a exact decibel rating.  It is fairly loud and has 4 volume settings.  In addition, you can pair more than one chime to each doorbell and therefore can place additional units around a house so that it can be heard anywhere in a large home.

  • I am interested in buying the Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime (works with 110v or 230v) and I watched your video and see that you are using two black power supply cords, one for volume control. I need to know if I need to buy the two cords where can I find them in your app, and I am not sure what to look for

    The cords you see in our video are part of our video doorbell power supplies. Our chimes are designed to work in conjunction with our power supplies and do not work independently.  So to operate the chime you would buy the chime as well as the power supply, which will power the chime and the video doorbell at the same time.

  • Is there any way to change out the ring tones, in case I want to know “Who let the dogs out.”

    We offer 32 different chimes but do not yet have a feature to customize chimes.

  • Does this work with Simplisafe doorbell?

    Yes, it does.  However, you do need the SimpliSafe video doorbell power supply as well.

    Here is the link:  https://www.ohmkat.com/products/copy-of-ohmkat-video-doorbell-power-supply-compatible-with-simplisafe-pro-smart-wi-fi-video-doorbell

  • I assume that the chime can accept UK household voltages (230V). What type of plug does the chime have? If it is a US or European plug, can I just use a standard travel adapter to plug the chime into a UK household socket?

    Yes, the chime can accept 110v or 230v.  It has a US plug and will work with a standard travel adapter.

    We are also launching this week a new UK plug version of our power supply.  It will be up on our website in a couple days.

    Here is the link: https://www.ohmkat.com/products/ohmkat-video-doorbell-power-supply-compatible-with-nest-hello-no-existing-wiring-required-transformer-adapter-power-kit-supply-all-in-one?variant=28601865699407

    Thanks for your patience!



  • Can this work with multiple chimes? Ie, can I purchase one transmitter and 2 chime receivers to have in different parts of my house?

    Yes you can.  Multiple receivers can pair with mutliple transmitters so that you can have them chime in different parts of the house.  Here are the chime pairing instructions:

    Please plug in the second non-paired receiver into a socket. With the transmitter plugged in at the split connection, do the following.    1. Select the melody on the receiver using the button on the side of the receiver. 2. Then press the volume button(other button on the receiver's side) for 10 seconds. And keep it pressed. 3. Press the doorbell button so that the sender sends a pairing communication to the receiver. You should hear the chime ring. Just make sure that in the app the chime setting is on. 4. Repeat 3 if not successful. Once it rings, it is paired. 5. Once paired both receivers will ring when the bell is pressed. You can set receivers to independently different melodies.      If you do that, you should get all the chime receivers to ring when the bell is pressed.

  • I take it the chime (bell) also needs to be plugged into an outlet

    Yes, the transmitter is installed in line with the power supply and the receiver is plugged in somewhere else in the house.

  • What is the range of this wireless chime?

    We have successfully tested the chime up to 300 feet.  However, actual range depends on a variety of factors including type and density of structures between the transmitter and receiver and other radio frequency interferance that may be present. If you have issues at a given distance, please move the receiver closer until connected.

  • Does this work with Nest?

    Yes, it will work great with the Nest when you use one of our power supplies for installation.  With the Nest Hello, please do not install the chime connector, as the electronics in our power supply make it unnecessary. 

    Our installation is incredibly simple:

    1.  Attach the transmitter in the power supply split connection
    2.  Attach the power supply to the Nest Hello
    3.  Plug the power supply into an outlet
    4.  Plug the chime receiver into an outlet somewhere in your home
    5.  Set up the Nest Hello in the app

    That is it!  You are ready to go.  No additional electronics, electrical work or wiring needed.