Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime (Patented)


Plug Type: US Plug
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  • Can I buy more than one chime to work with my video doorbell?

    Yes, you can pair as many chimes as you like to a single video doorbell.  You can buy additional chimes receivers here

    Here are the pairing instructions:  Please plug in the second non-paired receiver into a socket. With the sender plugged in at the split connection, do the following. Select the melody on the receiver using the button on the side of the receiver. Then press the volume button(other button on the receiver's side) for 10 seconds. And keep it pressed. Press the Nest doorbell button so that the sender sends a pairing communication to the receiver. You should hear the chime Ring. Just make sure that in Nest App chime setting is on. Repeat 3 if not successful. Once it rings, it is paired. Once paired both receivers will ring when the Nest bell is pressed. You can set receivers to independently different melodies. Let us know if you face any issues.

  • Will the chime work with 230v?

    Yes, the Chime is dual voltage. It can be plugged into either 110 or 240V. We offer a 2 pin US plug and a version with the 2 pin EU plug, so depending on the region you want to use it in, you will have to use an appropriate adapter. 

  • can I buy a power supply & a transmitter, I have the receiver

    Sure thing you can; please mention in the order notes what type of receiver you have. You may have our old receiver (blue circle with ohmkat logo in the middle) or the newer receiver(square unit with ohmkat logo on upper left).  This will allow us to send you the right transmitter. 


    Once you get the transmitter, you just need to pair it to your existing receiver. The instructions are included and fairly straightforward.

  • Does this work with the Blink hard-wired video camera doorbell?

    Yes, it should.

  • Does this device work with Alarm.com VDB770?

    Yes, it does.

  • Can this work with blink wireless video door bell

    No, the chime only works with wired video doorbells.

  • Do I need one or two of these devices to set up my merkury innovations/geenie wireless doorbell? I would like to be able to hear the chime downstairs in my living room and upstairs in my bedroom.

    You only need one chime kit, but you can buy additionial chime receivers on our website.  They are easy to pair and you can add as many as you would like in your home.  They are available on our website for $19.99

  • I want to use a 24 volt 40volt amp power supply. According to Nest it must be 10 volt amps or greater. My question is will I damage the ohmkat with to much amperage. BTW, As far as I can determine, 40 volt amps is equal to a little over one amp.

    Your best bet is to use our power supplies.  our standard Nest power supply works great and our 24V pro grade model will also work if you would like a more robust transformer.

  • Will the chime work with a Alarm.Com ADC-VDB770 Video Doorbell?

    Yes, it will.  It works great, especially in conjunction with our power supply for the VDB770, which we sell on our website.

  • Is the Jetsons ringtone available as one of your selections?

    I wish!  that would be awesome, but sadly no.  We have a video on the site and youtube that allows you to hear all the tones.

  • Does this work with the new Nest Battery Powered wireless door bell? Also, can you customize your ring tone to anything you want? I have an audio file or song, would I be able to use them? Or do I have to select from options you have available.

    Yes, it will work with the Nest battery, but only if it is hard wired.  It will not work while it is in battery mode. 

    No, our chime comes with a set number of 37 tones.  It does not accept custom chimes.

  • I have a Nest doorbell that is powered by a transformer (16V AC, 10 VA). I would like to install the ohmKat transmitter using the existing power source. Will this work?

    while our transmitter can be installed in line with transformers other than our own, we cannot guarantee that it will work with any particular one.  16VAC usually does work, but we recommend 18-20VAC.  we are happy to help walk you through it. Installing our chime transmitter in non OhmKat power supplies requires some basic wire splicing.

  • Where do you install the transmitter? Outside?

    The transmitter is installed inside inline between the transformer and the video doorbell.  When you ring the doorbell, it sends a short down the power line.  Our transmitter takes that short and converts it into a wirelss transmission that ring the doorbell chime plugged in elsewhere in the house.

  • I purchased an extra loud doorbell called New Age and when we installed it wired the sound only occurs as long as you keep your finger on the outdoor button we bought the chimes model is there something wrong with it or is it miss installed

    Our chime is not compatible with other chimes.  We are not familiar with the New Age doorbell, but are happy to troubleshoot if you contact us directly at service@ohmkat.com

  • I installed this product on Nest battery which I did hardwired it, I cannot change the ringtone to something else besides ding dong. How can I use the different ring tones on this product. If default ring tone cannot be changed I would be very unhappy with this product.

    We have just updated the chime setting to improve functionality.  There is one additional step.

    1.  Set the tune to the one you want.
    2.  Press and hold the volume button until you hear two beeps.
    3.  While holding the volume button, ring the doorbell.  You should hear one beep.
    4.  Release the volume button and test the doorbell.

    The tune should be set.

  • I have two SimpliSafe doorbells, front door and side door. I will be buying two power adapters. My question is do I need to buy two chime kits? Or is there an option to get two connectors (the piece that is directly attached to the power supply) and only one chime? Any help is appreciated.

    If you use two power supplies, you will need two chime transmitters.  You can pair both to the same receiver if you like.

  • I have an Ohmkat transmitter connected directly to an EU Unifi BX6TF doorbell transformer. Unifi's doorbell works well. When I press the doorbell of Unifi, I get alerts on my phone, but no sound comes through Ohmkat's wireless doorbell chime. The Ohmkat chime can make sound because when I press the button of the Ohnkat chime to change the melody the chime gives a melody.

    Typically this issue is due to a setting issue.  Please go into your settings for the doorbell and make sure that chime is set to on.  If this does not solve it, please reach out to service@ohmkat.com

  • Can I connect the Ohmkat transmitter directly to the EU Unifi BX6TF doorbell transformer using a connection cable with a DC 5.5mm jack female?

    It is possible, and often works, to splice or connect the transmitter to an existing transformer that is powering a doorbell.  We don't test individual transformers for compatibility, however.  One thing to check is that the output of the transformer should be 16VAC at a minimum and preferably 18 or 20VAC.

  • What kind/ size connectors does have the transmitter on both sides? DC 5,5mm jack (fe)male?

    The barrel connectors are 5.5mm x 2.1mm

  • I select the new tune, but it always reverts to the first one. Why?

    Our new chimes have a new chime setting procedure to allow each time to ring a different sound for different doorbells.  It is simple, but not intuitive.

    1.  Select the chime tune that you want, then press and hold the volume button until you hear two beeps.
    2.  While still holding down the volume button, ring the doorbell.  you should hear one beep. Now release the voume button.
    3.  Test the doorbell.  It should ring with the correct tune.

  • Our Nest Hello doorbell is hardwired to a Nutone intercom. The chime inside the house when the doorbell is pushed is inaudible. Can we add your chime so that when someone pushes the doorbell outside you can actually hear a doorbell inside the house so you are alerted to the fact that someone is outside ringing the doorbell?

    Yes, that is exactly what our chime is designed for.  It should be installed inline between the Nest and the transformer.

  • Can i set the chime sound permanently? My power sometimes got tripped out and it reset my chime configuration

    Our newest chimes do not reset when unplugged (or due to lost power).  send us a note to brent@ohmkat.com and we will replace it for you.

  • I have a Lorex video doorbell that is installed by my driveway gate and powered from a transformer at the gate. THe doorbell communicates to the house via wifi. The location for the chime is 100' plus several concrete walls. Both the doorbell (with power supply) and chime location are withing the extended wifi network. Will your chime use the wifi network to communicate to the driveway gate transmitter?

    Our chime does not work over wifi, it works over a direct RF signal. However, it can operate line of sight of up to 300 feet.  Obstructions in the way can limit range, so I cannot with certainty say whether it will work properly in your environment.  The good news is that we have a great return policy so you can buy and try risk free.

  • I have two doorbells so will have two transmitters. Can the receiver have a different chime based on which doorbell was pushed?

    Our newest chimes, such as those shipped with our Water Wrangler, have the ability to have different chime tunes depending on which doorbell or water alarm triggers it.  As we are transitioning our inventory, please indicate this as requirement when ordering from our website so that we ship a newer unit.

  • I recently purchased the OhmKat Universal Chime and SkyBell HD camera. I am excited to install and use the new tech. Have a question about placement of the 10 Ohm resistor, per the install guide (https://store.skybell.com/pages/power-diagrams). I have the manufacturer's recommended transformer (Honeywell RCA900N1008). My question is where in the circuit should I put the 10 Ohm resistor? Between the SkyBell and Chime Controller, or between the Transformer and Chime Controller? Thanks!

    With our power supplies, you don't need the additional resistor.  We built it directly into the transformer to make installation easy.  You simply connect the wires to your Skybell, insert the chime transmitter in the split connection and then plug it in. We are the only power supply on the market that builds all necessary electronics and redundencies into the unit itself.

  • I do not have an exiting chime and so thought I would use the Google Nest Hub Max as a chime. Turns out it is not so loud so we dont get a good chime in the house when doorbell is pressed . I installed my nest doorbell using this transformer (see amazon link) over a CAT 5 cable running from my loft. We want the nest doorbell to chime in the house, how would we do this with the OhmCat? Would we need to remove the current transformer and use this instead? Thanks

    You can use the CAT 5 cable for the power.  It works well.  As far as your power supply, you can use our chime with, and it should work, but we don't guarantee it.  If you do, you will have to snip the barrel connectors off and splice it in line.

    The easier solution is to buy one of our power supplies.  you can still attach it to the CAT 5 cable you are using, and you will be able to install the chime in minutes. 

    One thing though, we find that Nest Hellos that have been previously installed should be factory reset and reinstalled prior to using with our chime.  Just changing the settings in the app doesn't always work properly.  Be sure to choose "mechanical chime."

  • The Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime (works with 110v or 230v) is still not available on Amazon UK - do you have an update on when this will be available?

    We are waiting on our UK plug inventory.  Expect it Q1 2021.  We do currently offer our EU plug on amazon europe.

  • What if my neighbor also has the wireless chime? Can I select the frequency to prevent false rings?

    No, you won't have an issue.  Without direct pairing, transmitters and chimes are not connected.

  • If i have the nest doorbell hardwired, can i still use your chime? My original doorbell in the 100 old house wires are fried somewhere and it apparently cannot be fixed without tearing out the ceiling

    Yes, you can use your existing doorbell wires.  Fing the end of the wires where they become visible in the house.  Then remove any existing attached chimes and transformers.  You can then attach the doorbell wires to your OhmKat power supply and attach the chime.

  • Can I use this plug in adapter with nest hello as a extension for hearing doorbell in other parts of the home.

    Yes, that is what it is designed for.  However, if you have an existing chime you will have to choose between the two as they are not compatible on the same doorbell. Ideally you will use one of our power supplies, but you can splice it into your current power supply if it is preexisting.  We cannot guarantee it will work with all power supplies, but you can reach out and we will assist if needed.

  • Will this product soon be available at Amazon France ?

    Yes!  we have a new EU plug chime that will be sent to Amazon Europe shortly. It should be there in a couple weeks (end of September 2020)

  • Can you use the ohmKat transmitter And the existing mechanical chime?

    No, you cannot use a mechanical chime with the OhmKat chime.  Our chime is designed to replace a mechanical chime in conjunction with a video doorbell installation.

  • I don't see where to order additional chimes?

    Here is the link for additional chime receivers:


    You can pair as many receivers as you want to a single transmitter.  Connecting them is easy.  Plug the receiver in close to the transmitter, press and hold the volume button and then immediately press the doorbell three times quickly. As soon as you hear the chime ring release the volume button.  Press the doorbell again to check the connection. If you hear the ring, you can move the chime where you prefer in the house.

  • Hello. I want to know if Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime (works with 110v or 230v) is available for purchase now?

    Sorry, we are delayed due to the corona as our inventory is stuck in transit until the end of the month.  If you preorder, we will ship the chime as soon as we receive our inventory.

  • Can 1 receiver work with 2 transmitters? Front and side door Alula video doorbells. Or, can I power 2 Alula video doorbells with 1 Transmitter?

    Yes, either installation works great.  We offer any pairing configeration you would like.  Simply pair each receiver with each transmitter you like. Sometimes for complex pairing it takes one or two tries to get it right.  Search "pairing" on ohmkat.com for detailed instructions.

  • Can I use more than one chime ~ I’m thinking of may be three around the house. Also, do they all need to be in range of the transmitter or do they effectively act as repeaters? Can a buy one transmitter and three chimes in one order. If I have my own power supply already can I use it instead of yours and just connect the transmitter (cutting the connectors off and then connecting with my current power cable) so as to avoid ripping out the existing wiring.

    Thanks for reaching out.  Yes, you can use more than one chime.  You can pair as many chime receivers to a single chime transmitter as you want.  It is a simple process that takes just a few minutes (we posted instructions on our blog). 

    Yes, they all have to be in range.  Each receiver is only a receiver and not a concurrent transmitter.  But I like that idea!  We will see if you can implement that in the next interation. 

    The good news is that depending on the material in the house we find that transmitters can be placed fairly far away from the receivers.

  • When will this be available again to order in the US?

    Yes, it will be available in about three weeks.  We just added a preorder function so you can buy now and be shipped product first as soon as it is in stock.

  • Can I add 2 doorbell chimes to a nest hello? I need to have a chime upstairs and downstairs so it can be heard throughout the house.

    Yes, you can.  We are currently out of stock of additional chimes, but full chime kits can be purchased.  To pair the additional chime, press and hold the volume button and then immediately ring the doorbell.  You will hear the chime and you are good to go.

  • I just purchased a Ohmkat Wireless video chime. I have a battery powered Ring 2 doorbell. The information said that this chime was compatible with Ring. I can not figure how to make chime work with the ring 2 doorbell. I see that there is a transformer with two wires, but can not see how to connect anything on the Ring 2 doorbell. Am I missing a part to the chime?

    I am sorry, but our chime does not work independently of a powered video doorbell.  Please return for a full refund and free return shipping

  • Does this work with the Alula Doorbells?

    Yes it does!

    We are an approved partner of Alula for powering their video doorbells and providing chimes.

  • I am interested in the Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime and power supply for a Simplisafe Pro video doorbell. 1) how long is the power supply cable? I mean each side of the connector 2) what are the dimensions of the chime transmitter?

    The total length is 12 feet, six feet on either side of the connector. 

    The chime transmitter is approximately 3 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.  The dongles on each side are approximately 3 inches long

  • Would you have a version for Australia?

    Sorry, we don't at this time.  With a converter it should work well. 
    However, we are open to creating one if we can find a distributor is Australia.  If you have any ideas please let us know!

  • how many decibels does the your chime

    I don't have a exact decibel rating.  It is fairly loud and has 4 volume settings.  In addition, you can pair more than one chime to each doorbell and therefore can place additional units around a house so that it can be heard anywhere in a large home.

  • I am interested in buying the Wireless Universal Video Doorbell Chime (works with 110v or 230v) and I watched your video and see that you are using two black power supply cords, one for volume control. I need to know if I need to buy the two cords where can I find them in your app, and I am not sure what to look for

    The cords you see in our video are part of our video doorbell power supplies. Our chimes are designed to work in conjunction with our power supplies and do not work independently.  So to operate the chime you would buy the chime as well as the power supply, which will power the chime and the video doorbell at the same time.

  • Is there any way to change out the ring tones, in case I want to know “Who let the dogs out.”

    We offer 32 different chimes but do not yet have a feature to customize chimes.

  • Does this work with Simplisafe doorbell?

    Yes, it does.  However, you do need the SimpliSafe video doorbell power supply as well.

    Here is the link:  https://www.ohmkat.com/products/copy-of-ohmkat-video-doorbell-power-supply-compatible-with-simplisafe-pro-smart-wi-fi-video-doorbell

  • I assume that the chime can accept UK household voltages (230V). What type of plug does the chime have? If it is a US or European plug, can I just use a standard travel adapter to plug the chime into a UK household socket?

    Yes, the chime can accept 110v or 230v.  It has a US plug and will work with a standard travel adapter.

    We are also launching this week a new UK plug version of our power supply.  It will be up on our website in a couple days.

    Here is the link: https://www.ohmkat.com/products/ohmkat-video-doorbell-power-supply-compatible-with-nest-hello-no-existing-wiring-required-transformer-adapter-power-kit-supply-all-in-one?variant=28601865699407

    Thanks for your patience!



  • Can this work with multiple chimes? Ie, can I purchase one transmitter and 2 chime receivers to have in different parts of my house?

    Yes you can.  Multiple receivers can pair with mutliple transmitters so that you can have them chime in different parts of the house.  Here are the chime pairing instructions:

    Please plug in the second non-paired receiver into a socket. With the transmitter plugged in at the split connection, do the following.    1. Select the melody on the receiver using the button on the side of the receiver. 2. Then press the volume button(other button on the receiver's side) for 10 seconds. And keep it pressed. 3. Press the doorbell button so that the sender sends a pairing communication to the receiver. You should hear the chime ring. Just make sure that in the app the chime setting is on. 4. Repeat 3 if not successful. Once it rings, it is paired. 5. Once paired both receivers will ring when the bell is pressed. You can set receivers to independently different melodies.      If you do that, you should get all the chime receivers to ring when the bell is pressed.

  • I take it the chime (bell) also needs to be plugged into an outlet

    Yes, the transmitter is installed in line with the power supply and the receiver is plugged in somewhere else in the house.

  • What is the range of this wireless chime?

    We have successfully tested the chime up to 300 feet.  However, actual range depends on a variety of factors including type and density of structures between the transmitter and receiver and other radio frequency interferance that may be present. If you have issues at a given distance, please move the receiver closer until connected.

  • Does this work with Nest?

    Yes, it will work great with the Nest when you use one of our power supplies for installation.  With the Nest Hello, please do not install the chime connector, as the electronics in our power supply make it unnecessary. 

    Our installation is incredibly simple:

    1.  Attach the transmitter in the power supply split connection
    2.  Attach the power supply to the Nest Hello
    3.  Plug the power supply into an outlet
    4.  Plug the chime receiver into an outlet somewhere in your home
    5.  Set up the Nest Hello in the app

    That is it!  You are ready to go.  No additional electronics, electrical work or wiring needed.

  • How many feet will transmitter go? I would like to put the transmitter in our basement and add a chime in our garage and a chime on our 2nd floor.

    300 ft in open air. Inside a home, 2-3 floors should not be an issue. Depends on the type of construction but basement and +/- 1 or 2 floors should be good.


  • What color is the light on the transformer supposed to be ?

    Always orange. Color doesn't change. 
    If there is a short on the line, it will dim out to about 20% of its brightness. It will be very dimly lit in the case of a short. 
    If it is operating normally, it will be fully bright.

  • Hi, I have a nest battery doorbell which can be hard wired also. Will your chime work with this and I'm in UK? Thanks Dan

    Dan sorry for the delayed response. We somehow missed this question. Yes our chime will work very well with the Nest BATTERY if you wire the Nest Battery. Our Nest power supply can be used and it makes the install very simple, but if you have already wired up your Nest Battery, or have another power supply, then you can just splice in our transmitter between the doorbell and the power source, and plug in the chime receiver anywhere in the house. Hope that answers the question.


  • Will this work with the google nest video doorbell battery?

    If you choose to wire the NEST Battery doorbell, then yes. Nest battery can be wired and that will keep the battery charged, but some people do not want to wire it or cannot wire it because of its location, and in that case our chime will not work with the Nest BATTERY version.

  • Can the transmitter be used in an attached garage, while the chime is in the kitchen (maybe about 30 feet away).

    Yes should not be a problem. Unless the garage is a 2 feet thick concrete bunker or made of unusually dense material, it should be fine.


  • Does it work with Wyze video door bell? Does it work with Ring Video Door Bell-3? What is the advantage of it over Ring chime?

    Yes it does. The universality of OhmKat chime is what makes it unique. Also the Ring chime works over wifi. So you face 2 shortcomings. If your router/internet is down, you won't get a notification, and your chime won't sound. Second, sometimes there is a not so insignificant delay between the Ring doorbell press, and the chime reaction, because the signal goes from the Ring through your router to the Ring servers and then comes to trigger the chime. With OhmKat chime there is no scenic route. It is electrically coupled to the doorbell and is RF and rings at the same time the Ring doorbell is pressed.

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