OhmKat Professional Grade Short Protected 24 Volt Power Supply


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  • ok to use 18 gauge wire extension? ithe wire that comes with transformer solid or twisted?

    Completely ok to use 18 Gauge to extend reach of 20 Gauge.
    Twisted. Not solid.

  • Can you specify which wire goes into which labeled spot on the Google nest thermostat

    The two wires that come with the power supply do not have polarity.  Meaning that either wire can go into either position.  Different installation can work differently.  However, for the Nest the typical installation is for the C position and Rh (or R if no Rh).

  • Will your product work with a Nest E version? I tried a different product from Amazon and I wouldn’t work on Nest E.

    This power supply will work with any thermostat that improves with a C wire installation, including the Nest E.

  • If installed with a Nest Thermostat, which color goes where on the wiring diagram?

    The colors are not important, as there is no polarity.  Either color wire can go into either slot.

  • If I need a longer cord cab I add some wire to it?

    Yes, you can.  If you need a short length, we sell 6ft extensions that attach in the split connection for $9.99. If you need a long run, standard 20 gauge wire will work great.  Depending on the application, we have had successful runs of over 100 feet.  If you have specific questions about your installation, please reach out to service@ohmkat.com and we can help you.  

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