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Pairing Multiple Chimes

We get a lot of questions about pairing multiple chimes.  We designed the chime to be very flexible.  You can pair multiple receivers to a single t...

Int'l Video Doorbell Power Supplies Now Available! 230V C-Type (EU) and 230V G-Type (UK)

Int'l Video Doorbell Power Supplies Now Available! 230V C-Type (EU) and 230V G-Type (UK)

We now offer 230V C-Type (EU) and 230V G-Type (UK) power supplies to make it easy to install video doorbells almost everywhere in the world.

How to set up our Universal Wireless Video Doorbell Chime - Patent Pending!

Quick video on how easy it is to install an OhmKat wireless universal video doorbell chime when using an OhmKat power supply with your Nest, Ring, August, Skybell, Zmodo, Simplisafe or other video doorbell

How to set up an OhmKat Power Supply

Thanks for learning about OhmKat. We created OhmKat to help solve the frustrating problems we encounter in technology today. Sometimes we just can’t get it to work!

With that thought in mind, we created our first family of products – the OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supplies. We had a problem – we didn’t have electrical doorbells on our homes but wanted the security of having a video doorbell. Frustrated that we couldn’t just plug it in, we designed a novel way to do just that. With our Video Doorbell Power Supplies, you can now attach our unit right to the video doorbell and then plug it in. Super simple.

Service Advisory - How to Test your OhmKat and Reset Ring Video Doorbells

What is wrong with my OhmKat Power Supply?  My Ring video doorbell is not working. The OhmKat is robustly designed, fully tested, and seldom fail...


OhmKat's patent pending One Touch Power Test is the quick and easy way to ensure that your video doorbell power supply is working properly to power your Nest Hello, Ring, August, Skybell, Zmodo or Simplisafe video doorbell.

Lifetime Warranty on Everything We Sell

Lifetime Warranty on Everything We Sell

We offer a full 100% lifetime replacement warranty.  If at any time in the future your OhmKat stops working, if we can’t problem solve and help you fix your issue, we will replace it for free.

Ring 2 Compatible Power Supply Launch

Ring 2 Compatible Power Supply Launch

Exciting news!  Ring just launched their Ring Video Doorbell 2.  With the Ring Classic and Ring PRO in the product line, the Ring 2 looks like an upgraded Ring Classic that maintains battery powered operations in addition to hardwired operations.