What is wrong with my OhmKat Power Supply?  My Ring video doorbell is not working.

The OhmKat is robustly designed, fully tested, and seldom fails. It also has safety electronics to protect the doorbell in case of power issues. What you may be experiencing is a often seen bug with Ring Classic and Ring 2 bells from Ring. This is a known issue. Other bells do not have this problem.

OhmKat is easy to test. Please remove the bell from the OhmKat ends. Plug the OhmKat into a power socket. Your OhmKat light should be glowing bright.  Now short the OhmKat wire ends by touching them together. Don't worry, there is no risk of electrical shock. That should dim out the OhmKat light in a few seconds. When you separate the wire ends, the OhmKat light should go back to full  brightness. If you are able to do this, then your OhmKat is delivering complete power to the wire ends.

Now about the firmware bug with Ring Classic: Ring locks itself up during firmware updates or due to repeated presses on the Ring button. Once you have established that OhmKat works, do the following:

1. Remove the Ring bell in Ring App. Then press the orange button on the Ring Classic for 30 to 45 seconds.

2. This will put the Ring in setup mode. Just do the setup again. You will have to enter your wifi password again.

3. Resetting and re-adding your Ring releases it from this buggy lock mode.

4. Once thus setup, you can connect it back to OhmKat for constant charging.

Rest assured we have seen this script many times and the OhmKat has never been faulty. And if there is an issue we have a full Lifetime Replacement Warranty. 



Contact us at our service@ohmkat.com, or at our phone number 732-876-3034, and we will help resolve this for you.