OhmKat power supplies are designed with electronics that protect your wiring and connected devices in case there is a short circuit on the line. OhmKats also have a patented testing capability (US Patent: 10937301) inside them. The other doorbell power supplies masquerading as equivalent solutions, may work okay for usual working conditions, but they are not designed to safely handle the video doorbell error states that can create a sustained short circuit. An analogy here is a car's air bag and collision protection system. You hope you never to have to rely on it, but that it is there is necessary and important. You can think of OhmKat as the Volvo of home automation accessories. We only design products that can safely handle situations where connected devices are not behaving normally. We have all heard of cases where it appears that inadequately designed Christmas lights have caused short circuit fires. In our testing lab, we log hundreds of hours of operational data from different connected devices, to capture their quiescent and volatile states and make sure that all these states are handled correctly by Ohmkat products.

We hope that our commitment to not taking short cuts with our products and to warranty them for life, gives you the assurance and trust that you need for making your decisions quickly.

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