Lifetime Warranty on Everything We Sell

Lifetime Warranty

Most electronic products you buy come with a 90 day or maybe a one-year warranty.  And with lots of conditions.  It can only be the result of faulty manufacturing (who can tell?) and can be voided in stupid ways. 

Here at OhmKat, we decided to do it differently.  We offer a full 100% lifetime replacement warranty.  If at any time in the future your OhmKat stops working, if we can’t problem solve and help you fix your issue, we will replace it for free.

When we tell this to people, they are skeptical.  “What is the catch?”  We can see it in their eyes.  Well, there is no catch.  If you buy an OhmKat and it stops working, we will ship you a new one.  Done. Easy.

We can do this because we created a great product that almost never fails.  Every unit is tested prior to being sold so it works right out of the box.  We have also built failsafes and reset electronics into the power supply so that even if something happens, it can still be functional after a couple quick and easy steps. 

We have sold thousands and thousands of power supplies. And of course we get some returns and some warranty claims.  Every unit we get back is tested to figure out what went wrong.  Out of all the returns, only 1 was truly defective

Feel good about buying an OhmKat.  It will provide years of great service for you and your smart device. 

And as always, if you have any questions reach out to

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