OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supply - Compatible with Nest (All Generations Including Hello, Gen 2, Battery(when wired))


Voltage: 230V G-Type UK Plug
Color: White
Sale price$34.99



  • Nest says I need to use the chime connector. What should I do?

    You do not nee the chime connector with OhmKat power supplies, even when installing a chime.  We have built the necessary protections into our power supplies which makes the chime connector redundant.  For installations with our power supplies, please connect the Nest Hello directly to the power supply and plug it in.  It is that simple.

  • My Nest Hello is behaving weird. What should I do?

    When installed correctly your Nest Hello should operate properly.  Often issues that appear to be Nest or power related are due to poor wifi connectivity or issues with the small Nest battery. To test for the issue please do the following: Please cycle your WIFI device (your router and wifi extender if any). Your OhmKat has unique "One Touch Power Test" capability. Remove the tinned ends from behind the NEST and short these tinned ends while looking at the LED light on the OHMKAT. In 10 seconds or so if the LED distinctly dims out, and then when you untouch the lead ends(it is restored to full bright) and you can repeat this, then your OHMKAT is good and supplying full power. Once you have tested the OHMKAT, please check for any loose connections. You can check for looseness at the split connection or at the terminal points behind the NEST doorbell. If 1, 2 and 3 test out okay, then to test the NEST doorbell remove it from OHMKAT ends, and use a micro USB (a typical micro usb adapter) to charge the Nest for about 4 hours. See if NEST then holds the connection for a few hours, then reinstall. If you are still having problems, reach out to use at service@ohmkat.com.

  • This seems too good to be true. Is it possible that this could cause fire and I am wondering why would Nest not provide something similar?

    We created these Power Supplies because, like our customers, we did not have an existing doorbell and wanted to install a Video Doorbell. To ensure safety, we built our Power Supply using high quality, robust components and have tested it extensively under all operating conditions. The Power Supplies we have sold to customers have had thousands of hours of successful field operations. In all the testing and hours of operation, we have not had a single case of our Power Supply causing a fire. The Power Supply will break its internal fuse under any adverse condition and keep the circuit completely safe. Unlike other suggested workarounds out there, our Power Supply is designed to protect the Nest Hello if it inadvertently shorts itself (which sometimes it does). Just using transformers with PTC will not do it. We can't speak for Nest. All we can do is create a great product that helps customers solve a problem.

  • Can this be plugged into an outside outlet? Is there any weatherproofing?

    It is not designed for open exposure to the elements. Ideally, the section from the small box to the transformer should be protected from the elements.  We are working on a solution to this problem as we get the question regularly.

  • Will this work with my door bell wires?

    The OhmKat Power Supply is designed to work without an existing doorbell transformer, but you can use existing doorbell wires once they are disconnected from another transformer. Simply connect the bare wires provided with the OhmKat Power Supply to the doorbell wires with twist connects and plug it in.  Make sure you do not connect a Power Supply and doorbell wire powered by an existing transmitter simultaneously.  This could damage your video doorbell.

  • Why won’t my doorbell connect to the wifi? Doesn’t your Power Supply provide enough power?

    Our Power Supplies do not affect the wifi connectivity.  If there is an issue with the video doorbell connecting to wifi the issue is with the wifi signal itself.  However, if your video doorbell is not receiving a strong enough signal, the app will not have accurate information about the bell’s operating status. Please check the distance to your wifi transmitter as video doorbells need a strong signal to operate.

  • What is your warranty policy?

    We stand by our products and we offer a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.  If your Power Supply does not function or fails to meet your expectations, we will help you fix the issue, offer you a replacement or refund your purchase price.

  • Why should I buy your Power Supply? Isn’t a transformer with PTC good enough?

    The transformer with PTC is not a safe approach to use with your video doorbell. Even though it may work okay for a certain period of time, as some positive reviews show, it could potentially result in failure and damage at some point in time. The video doorbell has a software triggered short which allows it to operate across different operating environments and installations. In case of a transient short due to a bug or a delay, the PTC transformer will send excessively high current through the bell, and damage/burn the bell. The PTC transformer needs time to get up to a disconnect temperature. This review posted to Amazon is an example of what could potentially happen: OhmKat power supply ensures that under all operating conditions your bell remains protected.

  • Will this work with CAT5 cable which is only wiring to my door. I only need power for the Nestcam Hello as not hooking up to my existing doorbell.

    Yes, you can use CAT5 wiriing as doorbell wiring.  We recommend doubling up the wire strands when you do.  Use two strands for each terminal.  Make sure the colors match on both ends.

  • I have a ADC-VDB770 what voltage do i need to purchase?

    We offer a power supply for that model.  here is the link:

  • do you deliver to London Ontario Canada

    Yes, we do. It can be expensive.  It is cheaper shipping to order off of amazon.

  • Re Simpli Safe doorbell camera power supply. How long are the connecting cables from AC plug to bare wire ends? If needed, is a longer cable availible?

    All of our power supplies ship with 12 feet of wire.  We also sell extensions of 6,12 and 24 feet.

  • I have a Mercury gen 2 video doorbell and just bought ohmkat power supply. Will any chime work with it and does it have to be wireless or anything? I don’t have pre existing doorbell or chime or anything.

    Your best bet is to buy our chime.  It is easy to install and requires no additional wiring.  You can use other chimes, but they will have to be spliced in.

  • Can the ohmkat U.K. version of the nest hello power supply be used to power the new google battery powered doorbell

    Yes, the Nest battery doorbell is also designed similarly to the traditional Nest Hello and can be attached to direct power.  Our Nest power supply will work great for it.

  • Can you use 1 power supply for 2 nest hello units?

    For two Nest Hellos, we recommend using our 24v power supply.  It works great and can power two chimes as well. 


  • Can I plug this power supply into an outdoor outlet? Unfortunately even if I drill a hole to the inside of the house, I'll have to snake the cable quite a ways to an indoor outlet. Thanks!

    It is not rated for outdoor use.  Some customers plug them in outside in protected areas without issues, but we cannot advise it.

  • I have an existing 18 Volt plug in transformer for the Nest Hello, can I hook up the OhmKat to it?

    Yes, you can attach our chime to it.  You do not need an additional power supply.  To attach, you will need to splice in the dongle ends of the chime transmitter into the wire between the doorbell and transformer.  Or you can replace it with our transformer for the Nest for a 2 min installation.

  • How long are the wires from the transformer and If i order an extension wire, do they come in black?

    We ship each transformer with 12 feet of wire.  We offer extensions in both white and black in 6, 12 and 24 ft lengths.

  • If I hardwire the Nest Hello but don’t have a working indoor chime, can I use the Google Home for the chime?

    Yes, you can use a google home for notifications at the door.  We also sell a chime that works with the Nest and our power supply if you prefer a traditional doorbell ring.

  • Hi, will this power supply work with recently released Netatmo Doorbell ?

    We checked the power requirements for the Netatmo and they are very similar to the Nest Hello.  You can buy with confidence that it will work.  We also offer unlimited installation support, free returns and a lifetime warranty. 

    Give us a call if you have any questions.

  • Hello, Is there any reason that the plugin connections could not be removed and spliced to have one continuous wire? I need about 11 feet from the plug to the door bell and am trying to minimize the size of hole that I have to drill.

    No reason at all.  You can use your own 20 gauge doorbell wire.  We have had over 100 foot successful runs.

    We also offer a 12 and 24 ft extensions so that you can have a full 12 or 24 feet behind the wall and still have the split connection outside the wall.


  • It looks like your connector is going to require a larger hole be drilled because of the mid wire split/connection?

    It really depends on where and how you are threading it.  If the split connection needs to pass through the wall, a slightly larger hole is needed.  Most installation have the split connection on the inside (not behind the wall) with the wire running to the bell.

  • Can I get one of these with a longer cord? I am going to use my Nest Hello at my driveway gate, so using the available extension would not be the best way to go.

    We sell 24 foot extensions on our website that are very easy to install.  This will give you 30 total feet.  If you need a longer run you can purchase 20 gauge doorbell wire from a local hardware store.  We have had successful runs of over 100 feet.

  • I currently have 1 nest doorbell functioning perfectly. I need to install a 2nd unit on a side door. for some reason there is no power to the side door. it looks like I can use a 2nd separate transformer. There is a 2nd set of wires going to the chime, from the side door. would i just energize the side door bell and use the existing wires to the "Side door" chime? Thanks

    I am a little confused by your scenario.  Are you using our power supply on the front door, or traditional wiring? 

    The easiest thing to do is to purchase our power supply and chime, attach them to the Nest Hello on the side door, and plug it in to an outlet near the door.  This will allow you to have a fully functioning side door nest hello in about 10 minutes.  

    If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to email at service@ohmkat.com or call at 732-876-3034

  • If i have a 20 gauge red and white doorbell wire run, I can extend that with your plug in transformer, correct? If I wanted to add 2 wireless chimes what else would I need in order to make that happen? Your quick response is appreciated.. Thanks a ton!

    Yes, you are corect.  You can splice directly to our wire and you are good to go.  The only hiccup would be if there is a crimp or a cut in your wire behind your wall, which sometimes can happen. 

    You would order two chime kits here: https://www.ohmkat.com/products/universal-wireless-video-doorbell-chime

    Once you get them, you will pair the second receiver with the first transmitter by plugging it in, pressing and holding the volume button, ringing the bell, and then releasing the volume button when the chime starts.  Both chimes should ring when you press the bell now.

  • Would this work with a Ring doorbell?

    We design these for specific bells, but good news!  we offer a version for all Ring models as well.

    Here is the link to the Ring PRO model:


  • Are there any issues running your cables behind drywall?

    Not at all.  Most of our installations are run behind drywall.  If you are a professional installer, please email me at brent@ohmkat.com to discuss our pro program.

  • Hi, I'm very interested in your product. Short question: Can I convince you to extend me to a 60 day return? Long story: This is for my work. I have already both 2 Nest with 2 Lanmu power adapters. They work great. I also bought 2 Google Home Minis to work as chimes. Except they don't work on our work WIFI network. IT dept. took so long to tell me it won't work that now I can't return the Google Home Minis. Not your problem, but I hesitate to ask my boss for another $150 (2 adapters and 2 chimes) if I can't return the items easily, if once again, I've overlooked some technicality. Hope that makes some sense.

    No problem! 

    We offer free easy returns and will be accept returns for 90 days at no charge and with free shipping.  We also offer a Lifetime Replacement Warranty so that if any of our products ever fail, we will replace them.

  • How long is the cable?

    The cable is 12 ft.  6 ft between the video doorbell and the split connection, and 6 ft between the split connection and the transformer. 

    We also sell 6 ft extensions that fit in the split connection for $9.99. 

    If you need additional length, you can extend the length using 20 gauge doorbell wire that you can purchase at a hardware store.

  • Do I need to use the chime connector that Nest provides? Nest says I need to use it

    Thanks for the question.  When you are using our power supplies, you do not need to use the chime connector.  The chime connector provides protection for the Nest Hello in situations with traditional doorbell transformers and chimes.  We built the protection directly into our power supply so no additional resistors, connectors or diodes are needed.  Just plug it in, set up the app and you are all set.     

  • Does this work with the new Nest Hello ver 2 doorbell that just came out?

    Yes. Flawlessly.

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