Exciting news!  We just launched with our first traditional retailer, B&H Photo and Video!  As the premier camera and electronics retailer in New York, B&H remains at the forefront of bringing great technology to people in New York and beyond. 

When we presented OhmKat power supplies to them, they were intrigued.  They had success selling Ring and Skybell video doorbells, but say additional market opportunity.  As a New York based company, a big chunk of their customers live in apartments and condos.  Whether walk ups, high rises, brownstones or new construction, apartments and condos have one thing in common across the board.  None of them have traditional doorbells with doorbell wires.  This makes it hard to install video doorbells without relying on battery power. 

An OhmKat power supply solves the problem.  We make installing video doorbells on apartments, condos, and offices quick and easy.  The simplest installation for apartments is through the peephole. No drilling, fishing wires or any other installation difficulty.  You can read about peephole installation here.

B&H recognized the value OhmKat power supplies will provide their customers.  We look forward to a long, great, fruitful partnership with B&H.  Please shop with B&H for all your electronics!

And as always, if you have any questions reach out to brent@ohmkat.com.

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