OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supply - Compatible with Skybell HD


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  • How long is the wire?

    12 feet.  The split connectoin is in the middle at 6 ft

  • I recently purchased a SkyBell video doorbell and your compatible video doorbell power supply. I do not have an existing doorbell system currently and read on one of your comment sections about a person who contacted your company to ask advice on how to install an inside the house door chime that can be purchased at Home Depot and incorporated into the equipment listed above. They said you were very helpful and guided them thru the process. May I please ask for similar guidance.

    Thanks for reaching out.  The easiest way to add a chime is to purchase our wireless universal doorbell chime.  You can buy it on the website.  If you prefer to use a Home Depot chime, here is the diagram.  It requires some wiring on your part.

  • Do we need an in-line resistor just as skybell recommends with a transformer?

    No, you do not need an inline resistor.  We have built all the necessary electronic protections into our power supplies for safe, effective and reliable performance.

  • What's the maximum wire length that we could use to power the doorbell camera

    You can safely run wire 100 feet without a loss of performance.  In some cases, customers have successfully gone even further.

  • How long is the cord?

    The total lengtih of the cord is 12 feet with a split connection midway

  • I recently bought Ohmkat power supply for August Video Doorbell, but I had to change my equipment, and I will install a Skybell HD. Is the power supply for August is compatible with Skybell HD? Thank you.

    When did you buy it and from where? 

    They are not exactly the same, but as its a recent purchase we are happy to swap it out for you.  Contact us directly at service@ohmkat.com and we will handle it right away.

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