OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supply - Compatible with Ring Video Doorbell PRO


Voltage: 110V US Plug
Color: Black
Sale price$34.99



  • Why isn’t my Ring PRO working? What is wrong with your Power Supply?

    The Ring PRO is a very sophisticated and feature packed video doorbell.  Lots of people love its functionality.  However, in working with many customers, we have discovered some potential issues with the Ring PRO that may cause it to not work as expected.  Most importantly, a small percentage of Ring PROs do not function properly upon installation.  Sometimes they work for a short period of time and then stop.  Other times they get slightly hot or show insufficient power.  These are issues unrelated to our Power Supply.    If you have an issue with your Ring PRO, please let us know and we will work with you as best we can.  However, also understand that the issue may be with the Ring PRO itself and you may have to exchange it for a different unit.  Before you consider that option however please go through the following checklist: Did you purchase the correct Power Supply? Please check to make sure you have the correct model.  The Ring PRO will not work if connected to the Power Supply designed for the original Ring. Does the outlet have power? Plug a lamp or another device into the outlet to ensure it has power.  Sometimes the issue is simply that a light switch was turned off by accident. Are there any loose connections? The wires need to be securely attached to the Ring PRO. Please remove it and reinstall, double checking that the wires are securely attached to the screws and that the Ring PRO clicks in securely. Is anything else, such as the Pro Power Kit, connected to the bell? If so, it will not work. The Power Supply should be the only thing connected to the Ring PRO. Did you select the “No Chime” option upon installation? Selecting the wrong mode may cause the Ring PRO not to work.  If you are not sure, please reset the Ring PRO and restart installation, being sure to follow the instructions provided with your Power Supply. Was the Power Supply inadvertently shorted during installation? This may happen if it was plugged in prior to installation and the wires touched. Please let us know and we will provide a new harness. Was the button on the Ring PRO pressed for 10 seconds or more? Doing this may cause a short. If you have a multimeter, please check the power output. Let us know what you find and we will guide you through the issue. Answering these questions will help us troubleshoot and solve your problem. If the issue is with the Power Supply, we will provide a free replacement.  However, if the issue is with the Ring PRO, you may need to exchange it.


    Yes, please email service@ohmkat.com and we will help them out.

  • Can this plug be used outdoors

    No, it is not rated for outdoor use.

  • Will this work outdoors?

    Our power supplies are not rated for outdoor use.

  • How long is the cable?

    The total length is 12 feet. 6 feet from the transformer to the split connection and 6 feet from the split connection to the Ring.

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