OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supply - Compatible with Alula Video Doorbell


Voltage: 110v US Plug
Color: White
Sale price$34.99



  • Can this power supply be used to power 2 Alula Video Doorbells? Or will each require a separate power supply? Thanks

    For two doorbell installations we recommend using our 24 volt professional grade power supply.

  • I have a customer with an Alula video doorbell installed on the house wiring for a traditional doorbell. Can I use your product to add an additional plugin chime? How is it connected and wired?

    If the Alula is directly wired to the doorbell transformer, and there is no other wired chime connected, then yes our plugin chime can be used. The chime comes as a chimeset with a dongle and a plug in chime. The dongle has to be spliced in between the transformer and the doorbell (this can be done anywhere between those two). The splicing is straightforward. You can alternatively also buy an OhmKat power supply which comes with the split connector and then it is just a plug in at the split connection. No splicing in needed in that case.

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