OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supply - Compatible with SimpliSafe Pro Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell


Voltage: 110v US Plug
Color: White
Sale price$34.99



  • Can one power supply be used to power two SimpliSafe Pro Smart video doorbells (e.g one Pro Smart on front door and one on side door)?

    We do not recommend using our standard power supply for two doorbells.  Our professional grade 24v power supply is what we suggest for that application.

  • We have video doorbells for both our front and side doors...Can I use 2 doorbell transmitters with one chime or would I need 2 completely separate transmitters/chimes?

    For that setup, you can buy one chime kit and one additional chime transmitter.  You can then pair the additional transmitter to the chime and ring both doorbells through one chime.

  • Is the power supply cord graded for in-wall installation? I was wanting to run most of the cord behind trim or wall of possible.

    This is a low voltage application, so unlike standard electric wires, a doorbell wire does not need the same intensity of insulation.  We use a 20 gauge doorbell wire with all our power supplies that can be run behind walls.  However, we do not recommend having the split connection behind the wall in case it separates, which would cause you inconvenience (but not an electrical risk)

  • Does this work with the newer Simplisafe doorbell, Video Doorbell Pro (VDP301)?

    Yes, it works with all Simplisafe video doorbells

  • Do you have a power supply that can be plugged in outdoors?

    Sorry,  we do not at this time.  It is something we are working on and hope to have in 2021.

  • is there a video showing all steps of the installation? i don’t see any information on how to get the indoor plug connect to the outdoor doorbell... seems like there is some step missing that would get the wiring through the wall.

    We don't have that video yet as different homes have different installation requirements. The two most common installations are trough a peephole and drilled through the wall.  I would not suggest plugging it in outside unless it is well protected.  Also, you lose the security as someone could simply unplug it and you lose the camera view.

  • Hi, I have an older alarm doorbell that is connected with the pair of wires from the doorbell to a Honeywell Ademco 1361 16.5v 40VA Plug-in Transformer. so both ends are a wire pair. How can I connect the end pair to your power adapter for my new simplisafe doorbell? I don't want to fish another cable through the wall....

    It is a very simple process.  Please abandon the Honeywell transformer.  You should have bar wires exposed that lead from the doorbell.  Two wires should be connected to the doorbell, and the same two wires can be twist connected to the wires that come with our power supply.  Now just plug it in and you are good to go.  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at service@ohmkat.com

  • Can you buy power cable extenders? I am needing a cable longer than 12’.

    Yes,  we offer extension wires of 6, 12 and 24 feet on our website.  Here is the link:


    If you prefer to buy longer runs, you can purchase 20 gauge doorbell wire at a local hardware store and extend it out to 75 feet.

  • I recently purchased this product and it works fine and very easy to install. Because the house was not wired for a doorbell and there was never a chime, It is very hard to here it throughout the house unless the phone is near me. Any suggestions? Simplisafe says it’s to work with the chime system in my wired home.

    The easy solution is to purchase one of our chimes as well.  You simply plug the transmitted to the split connection and then plug the receiver into an outlet somewhere in your house and you have a chime.  Here is the link:


  • How long is the cord?

    The cord is 12 feet long.  6 feet to the split connection and then 6 feet from the split connection to the doorbell.

  • Does OhmKat do pro installation services?

    No we do not; but all OhmKat products are simple DIY. We have incorporated all the electronics into the products themselves, so all you have to do is plug them in, and your video doorbells will have power and chime functionality (if you additionally add the OhmKat wireless chime.). 

  • do you have the product for simplisafe with input 220v for outside US region ?

    Yes we have with both UK plug type and with EU plug type. Also either of those can be used with the right adapter in any 230V region. 
    For example with a Australia-UK adapter the UK unit can be used in Australia.


    Here  you can choose UK or EU variant.

  • Hi how long are the wires?

    The power supply ships with 12 feet of wire. It has a split connector in the middle. We have 6ft and 12 ft extension cords that simply plug in at the split connector to give you any amount of reach that you need. Alternatively you can also extend reach by using 2 conductor doorbell wire available at all Home Depots and Lowe's. Let us know if you need any more information.

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