OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supply - Compatible with Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Video Doorbell 3

OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supply - Compatible with Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Video Doorbell 3

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OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supplies make installation of video doorbells quick and easy for anyone. By eliminating the need for electric doorbell wires, OhmKat makes video doorbell technology realistic for every door on every home. As long as you have an outlet close to the door, you can install the OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supply in minutes. All Power Supplies have been thoroughly tested for safety, full feature operation of the video doorbell and ease of installation. To maintain the warranty, only install the Power Supply intended for the particular model noted. OhmKat is not endorsed by or affiliated with Ring or its parent company. Ring Video Doorbell 2 or 3 not included with purchase.

  • Directly power your Ring Video Doorbell 2 or 3 - installs in minutes - no need for an existing doorbell or new wiring
  • Equipped with ONE TOUCH POWER TEST (patent pending) - the easiest way for anyone to check their power supply. No tools or equipment needed
  • Designed for easy split assembly through door hole and molding
  • Enables LIVE VIEW or on demand viewing
  • Will charge your Ring so you don't have to remove it and charge separately
  • Professionally tested to power the full functionality of your Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Video Doorbell 3 - not compatible with any other models

All OhmKat products come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.  Buy with confidence. We guarantee it works as promised!


Ask a Question
  • How come my power supply is not charging the ring video doorbell at all?

    The Ring PRO doesn't charge as it doesn't have a battery.  If you have an original Ring, Ring 2 or Ring 3, it charges it slowly, like a trickle charger.  Over time it will charge the battery and maintain a full charge once fully charged.

  • I connected this device to my doorbell pro but in the device health it states poor voltage... any way to fix this?

    The key is the white light ring on the unit. If it is lit, then it is getting the correct power. The power supply has been tested thoroughly to power the Ring under all operating conditions. The Ring app often provides a finicky indication of poor voltage. It may change during the day to good or very good. If your Ring is working, the Power Supply is doing its job well regardless of the voltage indication in the app.

  • How long is the power supply cord?

    12 feet.  6 feet on either side of the split connection.

  • What is the length of the wire provided without the 6ft extra adapter?

    12 feet of wire are shipped with the power supply

  • Ring states on its support page that a 25 ohm 50 watt wirewound resistor is required with the ring doorbell 2 when using a low voltage AC transformer. Does the Ohmkat power supply have the 25 ohm 50 watt wirewound resistor incorporated? (https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003495766-How-to-Connect-Your-Ring-Video-Doorbell-2-Directly-to-a-Low-Voltage-Transformer-Without-a-Pre-existing-Doorbell-) I have a friend who connected a low voltage power supply to their ring doorbell and after a few weeks, the ring doorbell would only work on battery and no longer on the power supply. Thanks!

    Yes, the ohmkat power supply integrates the necessary resistor in transformer box.  All necessary protections and electronics are included.  It is a simple plug and play installation.

  • Will it work in -25C

    Albert, Thanks for the question.  We have not tested our power supplies in that extreme of a temperature, but it should be able to work.  However, if you have any issue, we will quickly process a refund.  Also, if it fails later for any reason, we will replace the power suppliy with our Lifetime Replacement Warranty.  Feel free to buy with confidence as you are protected. Brent