Additional Chime Transmitter- For Use with Wireless Universal Doorbell Chime


Sale price$19.99



  • Does this replace the original transmitter, if not, where do you plug it in to?

    The additional transmitter is for use if you want to add an additional doorbell.  Both doorbells can be paired to your existing chime receiver.  Therefore, you do not need to buy an entire chime kit.

  • can a chime be paired with more than one transmitter at a time..? with different chimes maybe?

    Yes, that is possible.  With out new chimes you can set different tunes for different doorbells.

  • If I lose power will I need to re-pair this?

    No you will not. Pairing survives loss in power or unplugging it.  This also means once paired, you can move it to different locations in the home without have to re-pair it.

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