Additional Chime Receiver - For Use with Wireless Universal Doorbell Chime and Water Wrangler


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  • My chime rings randomly without any ringing my doorbell. What is going on?

    What you are experiencing is called a "ghost chime."  It happens occasionally with the Nest Hello with all types of chimes.  We have found an easy fix that solves the problem about 90% of the time is full factory reset of the Nest Hello.  It should take about 5 minutes.  Here are the instructions:
      1.  Delete the Nest Hello device from your app. 2.  Expose the back of the Nest Hello but leave it attached to the power wires. 3.  You will see a small pinhole button on the back of the Nest.  Please insert a paper clip to press this button while simultaneously pressing the doorbell button.  Hold both buttons for one minute 4.  Your Nest Hello is now factory reset.  Reseat the Nest on the backing and attach.  Please go through the reinstall process on your app, and be sure to select chime on.    Also, make sure you are not using the chime connector that comes with the Nest.   Let us know if that works and if you have any other questions.  And remember, if we can't troubleshoot your problem and there it isn't working, we will replace it with LIFETIME WARRANTY on all products

  • Can this be used outdoors?

    It is not rated for outdoor use at this time.   is something we are working on

  • Does the chime go off if you lose power and then comes back on?

    Yes, the chime will lose power when your home power is lost.  It will return to full functionality when power is restored.

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