OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supply (for Wyze, Kasa, Lorex, Swann)


Color: Black
Sale price$34.99



  • Would this be compatible with the Lorex 2k doorbell?

    Yes it is.

  • How long is the cord? (Total and each piece)

    12 feet of wire ships with the power supply. 6 feet on either side of the split connection.  we have 6, 12 and 24 ft extensions.

  • Can I use tgis on an Amcrest AD410?

    Yes this will work with Amcrest AD410.

  • Is this power supply compatible with the Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell PRO? Is there a specific model I should order?


    This one please. Sorry for the delayed response.

  • Hiya - I have a an existing doorbell wiring and it no power - if I connected this to the wiring would this send low voltage power to the doorbell ?

    Yes that is exactly what it is designed to do. Thank you.

  • Can you plug in outside outlet?

    If outside outlet is protected from Direct Rain. For e.g. under a porch, or awning.

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