Pairing Multiple Chimes

We get a lot of questions about pairing multiple chimes.  We designed the chime to be very flexible.  You can pair multiple receivers to a single transmitter, or vice versa.  You can also pair multiple receivers to multiple transmitters, and have different sounds depending on the bell that is pressed. 

The transmitters and receivers have Many to Many pairing capability. 

Here are the pairing instructions:

 Please plug in the second non-paired receiver into a socket. With the transmitter plugged in at the split connection, do the following. 

 Select the melody on the receiver using the button on the side of the receiver.

  1. Then press the volume button(other button on the receiver's side) for 10 seconds. And keep it pressed.
  2. Press the doorbell button so that the sender sends a pairing communication to the receiver. You should hear the chime ring. Just make sure that in the app the chime setting is on.
  3. Repeat 3 if not successful. Once it rings, it is paired.
  4. Once paired both receivers will ring when the bell is pressed. You can set receivers to independently different melodies. 

 If you do that, you should get all the chime receivers to ring when the bell is pressed.

So for e.g. if you have one transmitter attached to the front door Nest, then you can have multiple receivers ring with Ringtone1, Ringtone2(or Ringtone1).... with this transmitter when its Nest is pressed. This will indicate that someone is on the front door.

Now if you have a second Nest on the backdoor or a side door, you can use the second transmitter with an ohmkat attached to this second Nest, and pair the same receivers from previous line with Ringtone 3, Ringtone 4(or Ringtone 3)... and the same receivers will Ring with the second set of Ringtones when the back door Nest is pressed.

So Ringtone is pairing specific. You can set RINGTONE FRONT on both receivers for the front transmitter, and RINGTONE BACK on the same receivers with the backdoor transmitter.

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  • Do you sell extra chime units?

    Jerry Kincaid
  • Do you sell extra chime units?

    Jerry Kincaid

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